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Bullshit (iso 4217 currency code: bs) is a monetary unit used throughout the world it is not the currency of any one nation, but rather is the de facto medium of exchange for bureaucratic organizations worldwide. Quotes and bullshit 25k likes its a page which brings quotes and bullshit and is based on the copied content from other websites :p. 93 quotes have been tagged as bullshit: bullshit quotes to be loveable will send you back into your shell if all you saw in their life was all bullshit”. What are the biggest distractions in your life what are your tools to get rid of your inner crap what do you read or listen to in order to learn from others who are introspective.

Isitbullshit ask the community about a product, or if you'd like to make a post warning others about something you know is bullshit, please use bullshit: . Because we are discussing the innermost lives of is mob wives a gritty its fun to watch sometimes but i'm pretty sure everyone knows its bullshit. Note: i wrote this years ago, but i took it down when i last redesigned my blog then a reader told me that this post helped her a lot over the years, and she asked read more.

It’s no accident that trump himself is receptive to bullshit ideas promulgated by the likes of anti-vaxxersa president trump, based on his own bullshit receptivity and his own bullshit contagiousness, would lead a country that is far more conspiratorial, far more confused, and far less able to grapple with problems in a rational way. It's time to cut out the bullshit do you want to be strong and jacked cut out the bullshit and go lift some weights do you want to be rich cut out the bullshit and start working your ass off. The concept of work-life balance is bullshit first, it presumes that work is in opposition to life and the fact is that work is a fundamental part of life . David graeber's essay on bullshit jobs is a masterpiece that demonstrates the pointlessness of most work, the psychological and spiritual damage this brings, and the way people are fooled into directing their well justified anger towards those who build lives of true meaning    . Entree lifestyle is a top new york contemporary streetwear clothing brand as seen on rihanna, chris brown, wiz khalifa, future, usher, jcole, lil wayne & more.

Health and fitness is laden with bullshit improve your quality of life, increase your self confidence, change the appearance of your body, . 35 photos that prove your entire life is a lie nothing will ever be the same again. The only thing more painful than not knowing your life purpose is beating yourself up for not knowing your life purpose.

Penn & teller: bullshit is an american documentary television series that aired but we're trying to talk about the truth without spending the rest of our lives . Lovethispic offers this life is bullshit pictures, photos & images, to be used on facebook, tumblr, pinterest, twitter and other websites. 114k likes, 298 comments - nina drama thesavagebunny (@ninamariedaniele) on instagram: “to international women’s day 💪🏼 to being strong, bold, confident, assertive, independent, valued,”. 4 lies men are being told about women donovan wives and girlfriends and the endless bullshit they of her daily bullshit that gets to me life is .

  • An inveterate liar a person whose life is so empty they have to invent grandiose yarns and daring exploits to make people think they are anything other than sad pathetic losersthe king of bullshitters is a guy called eddie and one of his outlandish anecdotes is transcribed below.
  • Penn & teller: bullshit to come to america and work for a better life, for him or herself and his or her family, should be welcomed with open fucking arms] .

Earlier i posted this q in the education section and it got deleted title: is college just a load of bullshit (serious question) i think it is dont get me wrong, i love college its awesome but college is not, and never will be about "education" college is about bullshit getting good grades is not a reflection of your knowledge . Define bullshit bullshit synonyms, bullshit pronunciation, bullshit translation, the alternative to bullshit home-life and bullshit society well said. Chuck palahniuk love is bullshit emotion is bullshit i am a rock a jerk i'm an uncaring asshole and proud of it. Most of the information we spread online is quantifiably “bullshit friend shared a meal with johnny depp on a big night out is unlikely to ruin anyone’s life.

lifes bullshit Well i have no particular expertise here, and i will likely catch flack, but i can't resist to the vast majority of us, all counseling/psychiatry/social worker/psychology type jobs are at least somewhat &quotbullshit jobs". lifes bullshit Well i have no particular expertise here, and i will likely catch flack, but i can't resist to the vast majority of us, all counseling/psychiatry/social worker/psychology type jobs are at least somewhat &quotbullshit jobs".
Lifes bullshit
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